General Information


Participants: Malaysian or Non-Malaysian

Age: 18 years old or above

Days: 7 Days

Assessment Method:

  • Practical assessment
  • Written assessment: planning of coaching sessions
  • One-to-one interview

Maximum number of participants: 16 participants (1 instructor for 8 candidates)

Medium of Instruction: English

Closing Date: 1 month or as stated by the organiser


Malaysians or BAM Coaches
1. Course Fees = RM 700.00
2. Assessment Fees = RM 50.00
    = RM 750.00
1. Course Fees = RM 1400.00
2. Assessment Fees = RM 100.00
    = RM1500.00

Repeat Course: Candidates are allowed to repeat the course within 12 months from the last course he/she attended. Attendance is compulsory in all the classes and candidate must re-sit all papers. Candidates shall pay 50% of the Course Fees, while paying the full amount of the assessment fees.


  • Applicants must fulfil the set of criteria (refer below)
  • Applicants must use application form which can be obtained through the BAM official website. Completed form shall be returned to BAM, with a copy to the organising State BA.
  • BAM will finalise the list of participants after consultation with the State BA’s. (Not first come first serve basis.)
  • BAM will notify successful applicants (and a copy to their State BA and the Host State BA)
  • Participants need to make payment for the courses within the deadline which will be 21 days before the start of the coaching course. If payment is not received by the deadline, the participant will lose his / her slot and the slot will go to the next applicant on the reserve list.
  • Course fee and assessment fee are non-refundable.
  • Participants are responsible to bring their own essential equipment and all necessities for attending the course (i.e. racquet, playing attire, writing equipment, etc.)
  • Participants are responsible for all cost related to their transportation, lodging etc in relation to the course. 



Applicants for a BWF Level 1 Coaching Course must...

  • At least be 18 years old or above on the first day of the course;
  • At least have some experience of playing badminton and can perform a short rally with proper technique;
  • Be able to understand and converse in English. Note: an interview may be conducted to determine the applicant’s level of English.



Suitable for those who are new to coaching, but who have some knowledge of the game and would like to learn how to be a coach.