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A total of 64 players and coaches of the senior team have reported for training at the Akademi Badminton Malaysia (ABM), this morning. 

All players that include 35 backup shuttlers are set to observe self-isolation at their respective hostel rooms in ABM for a period of 24 hours. They are due to return to training after clearing the COVID-19 swab tests.  

Earlier, 17 players including eight under the Road to Tokyo (RTT) programme completed a 30-day training camp under strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) at the ABM on June 30. 

National Senior Squad List

Director of Coaching, Wong Choong Hann: “I’m looking at a repeat of what we went through at RTT, but at a bigger scale and also to get everyone in the senior team back on course again. 

“For backup players, they went through training two weeks prior which will give them a head start in terms of familiarity in their on-court movement compared to the RTT group. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the state BA’s for facilitating the sessions for our backup squad. 

“The target is to bring them to pre-MCO level. Physically, it takes time but we can tailor our programme for them to improve on a certain aspect of their game that they can focus on. 

“Looking at the RTT track record, I believe one month is a good timeframe to bring the players to 90% of their level and still have some time to raise our bar. 

“Second batch of return players & coaches will join the elite group training but we’re applying strict SOPs of social distancing with training schedules designed to control the number of athletes on court or gym or compound at one time. It is important for the players to be responsible and follow these SOPs and guidelines.  

“Looking at the numbers, we’ll split singles and doubles sessions into separate training blocks. 

“Though the SOPs will be more relaxed, but in terms of our own self-regulation, we’ll apply that same level of urgency focussing on hygiene and alertness to combat COVID-19. It is important because it is still an ongoing pandemic scenario for everyone. We have to be more alert and take good care of ourselves.”