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KUALA LUMPUR – Tan Sri Al-Amin Hj Abd Majid who was present for the EXCO meeting at Juara Stadium, Bukit Kiara announced the Thomas and Uber list today. Among the main players heading the team are none other than national No.1, Lee Chong Wei who has also been appointed as the team captain along with upcoming star, Iskandar Zulkarnain. The others selected were Chong Wei Feng and Goh Soon Huat.


As for the men's doubles, world No.13, Goh V Shem/ Tan Wee Kiong are the first doubles followed by former nationals, Koo Kien Keat/ Tan Boon Heong. The last pair to make the team was Teo Ee Yi/ Ong Yew Sin who performed remarkably well during the Thomas/ Uber Cup qulifiers in India. 


Meanwhile, the Uber Cup team will be spearheaded by top national mixed doubles player, Goh Liu Ying (captain) based on her experince competing in the team events. The women's singles will have Tee Jing Yi, reigning world junior champion, Goh Jin Wei, Ho Yen Mei and Soniia Cheah. 


2014 Commonwealth Games champion, Vivian Hoo/ Woon Khe Wei will compete as the first doubles. In the absense of last year's SEA Games champion, Soong Fei Cho who suffered a knee injury early this year, the second doubles selected are Chow Mei Kuan/ Lee Meng Yean. Amelia Alicia Anscelly who partnered Fie Cho will play the third doubles along with Goh Liu Ying. 


Tan Sri Al-Amin mentioned that this year's team is a very balanced team. 


"We have experienced players like Lee Chong Wei, Chong Wei Feng and Tan Boon Heong who will be able to guide the younger ones being in the squad who entered the finals two years ago.  At the same time, it is good that we have given the opportunity to junior players to shine as it is not only based on their rankings that they were selected, they also proved themselves in recent tournaments," said Tan Sri.


The players will have a 10 days training camp at Juara Stadium and will leave to Wuhan, China on the 11th May. 



Team Manager – Datuk Seri Mohamad Norza Zakaria

– Lee Chong Wei

– Iskandar Zulkarnain

– Chong Wei Feng

– Goh Soon Huat

– Goh V Shem 

– Tan Wee Kiong

– Koo Kien Keat 

– Tan Boon Heong

– Ong Yew Sin 

– Teo Ee Yi



Team Manager – Datuk William Toh Ah Wah 

– Tee Jing Yi

– Goh Jin Wei

– Ho Yen Mei

– Soniia Cheah

– Vivian Hoo

– Woon Khe Wei

– Lee Meng Yean

– Chow Mei Kuan

– Amelia Alicia Anscelly 

– Goh Liu Ying