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KUALA LUMPUR (2 September 2019): Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) is deeply concerned on the report alleging ‘archaic’ methods of management and ‘rigid structures’ of the association as reported in the New Straits Times in an article titled ‘Total Revamp and House Cleaning’ published today. 

BAM certainly welcomes the media giving comments and constructive criticism which will push us to improve ourselves. However, the report paints a bleak impression that the BAM management is in total disarray. Certainly, there is room for improvement but not as reported.

Therefore, BAM would like to give our explanation by pointing out the following:


  1. As the governing body of the sport of badminton, we are indeed concerned and that's why every individual in the association has always worked tirelessly for the past years to ensure the continued progress of the sport.


  1. However, we must work within the framework of the BAM Constitution and the principle of proper governance, which we have been able to put in place. BAM has put a systematic development programme within the eco-system on all fronts. 


  1. Everyone in the association has their own respective roles and the Council as the strategic governing body serves to oversee and set the overall direction. There are also technical experts, who comprised of former players, who make technical decisions related to the selection of players and coaching methods. Nonetheless,  like any democratic organisation, everyone has the liberty to express their opinion. However, the final decision regarding technical matters eventually lies with those with the ‘know how’. We, thus strongly refute allegations that the Council makes decisions on coaching structure and the selection of players.


  1. As a progressive association, we are constantly reviewing our plans and with the advice of the Director of Coaching and national coaches, we have made several changes for improvement during the last few years. These changes shall continue to be reviewed periodically and changes will be made if necessary. Hiring of a National Director of Coaching is also one of the many ways of improving and streamlining BAM’s coaching structure. 


  1. Much efforts have been put in but unfortunately, the results at the recently concluded World Championships have not been favourable to the national badminton squad. Rest assured, continuous efforts are being made to improve the overall structure. Even that, the Director of Coaching and the coaches will be consulted. 


  1. At the third Council Meeting for the year 2019 in July, BAM President, Dato’ Sri Mohamad Norza Zakaria has announced that the state badminton association’s grant will be channelled based on the respective grassroots development of each state and thus, empowering the states. 


  1. Once again, we would like to thank the New Straits Times for their concern in the development of the sport and also value its support. But, it is rather alarming when reports are published without fair representation and without truly understanding the matter at hand.