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The month of December is always a bitter sweet month for the national players at Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM). As some of them will leave the association, at the same time, some new talents will be recruited to strengthen the team. BAM had its selection from the 13 – 16th December 2015 and there were at least 55 players from various states including current national players involved.

Based on the selection, BAM’s technical director, Morten Frost together with the national coaches selected 19 players to join the national training programme and they will report for training at Juara Stadium on 11th January 2016. For those who were from the Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS), they have already resumed training today.

Among the players selected were National Junior Circuit Grand Prix Finals champion, Yeog Seng Zoe and M. Thinaah who also represented the country in the World Junior Championships in Lima, Peru last November. As mentioned by Morten, those who were not selected should not give up hope as there are quite a number of tournaments arranged this year that will serve as selection platforms.

In addition, although BAM made its decision to select 19 players, they will all be on a probation period that varies between three to six months. Hence, these players should make full use of this opportunity that has been given to them by proving their worth in the national team.