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BAM had its Council Meeting and Annual General Meeting at Grand Dorsett, Subang yesterday. The main topics discussed were on some changes in the national tournament set up as well as some additional tournaments to be held next year.

The meeting that was chaired by BAM’s acting president, Tan Sri Al-Amin mentioned that BAM have decided to introduce another international tournament that is the Malaysia International Series. Currently in BAM’s calendar, BAM organizes the Malaysia Open Superseries, Malaysia Masters Grand Prix Gold and Malaysia International Challenge.


“Although the International Series is the level four in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) tournaments, we felt that more junior players can compete and gain points in our own backyard.”


“Besides that, we will also be able to expose as many players to participate in an international tournament as well as to prepare them for bigger tournaments in the future,” said Tan Sri during the press conference.


Tan Sri also spoke on the changes that will be made for the national open tournaments. Players usually will have to play in two national circuits to qualify for the National Grand Prix (GP) finals. However, due to the tournament dates clashing with international tournaments, many top players are unable to compete, hence the tournament becomes less attractive.


Therefore, the tournament committee together with BAM have now introduced the national championships where there will only be one qualifying tournament. At the same time, top players will also be able to play as it will most likely be in the beginning of the year where not many international tournaments are being held.


The top eight and sixteen highest ranked Malaysian players in the world will qualify automatically while the others will have to compete in the qualification tournament one month earlier. The singles draw will have 32 entries while the doubles will have 16.


The prize money will also be increased and certainly more than the previous national open circuits.