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Nor Syaza Binti Roshidi is a 14 year-old student from Bukit Jalil Sports School. At the same time, she is a badminton player who has big dreams of representing the country in international tournaments. She hails from Alor Setar, Kedah and she started playing at the age of 10 at her house compound. Her parents work as caretakers in a school canteen nearby their home in Alor Setar. When she started playing badminton, her dad use to send her for training at the Kedah Badminton Association (KBA) badminton hall while her mother took care of the canteen.

From there, Syaza began improving and eventually, she claimed the Under-12 singles and doubles title in both circuits. Without her realizing, her success was actually the ticket to BJSS. It was surely a new experience for her. According to Syaza, juggling studies and sports at the same time is really tough, however she always remembered her parent’s advice.

“There was a point last year where I almost gave up but my parents and friends encouraged and motivated me to be strong. Moreover, my parents take the effort to visit me from Alor Setar every once in a month, so, I told myself that I should also work hard and show to them that I can do it.

Getting up at 6am every morning is already tough but the more than that, the training is even tougher. Sprinting is the physical training that I fear the most because if we do not pass the timing given by our coach, we will have to keep on running. Although it is difficult, I understand that this is the only way for us to improve ourselves and I have improved as well,” said the Kedah born lass.

Syaza’s next mission will be the Indonesia Under-15 age group tournament which will be played next month in Kudus, Indonesia and she is hoping to do her best and make her parents proud. Her ultimate target in the junior level is to represent Malaysia at the 2018 Youth Olympics Games.