During the National Junior Circuit Grand Prix Finals last year, siblings Muhammad Syafiq Iqbal and Muhammad Syahmi Irfan was on cloud nine after clinching the Under-16 and Under 14 boys’ singles title respectively.


The boys made it even sweeter when they won the title in the presence of their family who travelled all the way from Selangor to Alor Setar to support them. However, Syafiq is 17 while Syahmi is 15 this year and both are aware that they may not be the dominant ones compared to last year as they will have to play against players who are a year older to them.


As for Syafiq, the Under-18 title especially is one of the most important titles in the junior level as it also one of the criteria to join the back-up and senior squad.


“I have set a quarter-finals target this year and if I am able to advance to the next round, I am going all out for the title. My main challenge actually comes from my teammates as we know each other’s game very well.”


“Besides that, Leong Jun Hao who is currently the top ranked player in the team has been doing well this year. So, I know that I have to stay focused and be consistent to clinch the tilte,” said Syafiq at the Juara Stadium.


The National Junior Circuit Grand Prix Finals will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium this week from 11 May – 15 May 2016.