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Tailored individual training programmes have been carried out by national badminton players at their respective homes under the diligent eyes of coaches since the implementation of nationwide Movement Enforcement Order (MCO) in March 18. 

Mental conditioning however, is as important as physical conditioning throughout this crucial period.

In efforts to pay special attention to the mental well-being of the players, Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) has offered psychological support for the national players during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sports psychology consultant, Muhammad Deen, who joined BAM in early March this year revealed how the Association looked after the psychological aspects of the national players during the sporting lockdown.

“This worldwide pandemic, and this lockdown, brings with it a lot of stress and uncertainty. It’s not a good situation at all. 

“However, we must remember that real psychological strengths are built from facing adversity head on, and that definitely applies to this situation we are all in right now. Keeping that perspective will allow us to make the most out of this period.

Muhammad has weekly contact with the players by utilising interactive platforms such as Zoom and video calls.

“It’s important to find a way of using this situation to our advantage, so we grow to become better & wiser than before. We will start by focussing on what we can control. From there, we will build up the mental preparation so that by the time tournaments start again, we will be ready. 

“Coming out of this period as better people and performers is what we are aiming for. We should be curious about what we can achieve after this lockdown is over.”