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Morten Frost, the technical director of BAM was back in Juara Stadium and he gave some comments on Lee Chong Wei’s recent performance at the Japan and Korean Open Superseries. There were talks about the lack of coaches as well as sparring partners for Chong Wei during both these tournaments.

Frost was humble enough to say that he underestimated the situation regarding the sparring partners for the former world number one. He also mentioned that at times, the public or the press may be right.

“Sometimes, we have to accept the judgements given by the public and the press. Hendrawan was supposed to go with Chong Wei but because there were too many tournaments as Chong Wei needs to chase ranking points, we felt that it would be better to split between Hendrawan and myself.

I have always learnt to be critical, evaluating and constantly assessing myself and the decisions that I make because if we do not practice that, then the development also stops here. What happened last week may not have been my best decision but most importantly, we want to look forward,” said Frost.

In terms of communication between Hendrawan, Chong Wei and him, Frost pressed that the communication is good and that they have resolved the issue from last week.

“I am a firm believer in communication. Therefore, we will continue to work closely to tackle every matter that arises,” added the technical director.