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As the coach responsible for Lee Chong Wei’s performance, Hendrawan stated that he did discuss with the national number one concerning his defeat at the recently concluded Japan and Korea Open Superseries. The US Open champion lost to Lin Dan in the second round of the Japan Open, while in Korea, he failed to make it to the main draw.

“Chong Wei did tell me that he felt a little fatigued during his match in Japan. I did push him a lot during training on the previous week and I only slowed down the intensity on Wednesday for him to recover before he leaves to Japan on Saturday. His preparation was good, however, the recovery period was too short for him.

This could be because in the past years, Chong Wei has not gone through such intensity just few days before a tournament and my training program is still quite new to him. Therefore, I decided that for his next two tournaments in Europe, I will slow down his training a week before instead of three days,” said Hendrawan.

Chong Wei will compete in the Denmark Open Superseries Premier from 13-18th Oct and in the French Open Superseries from 20-25th October. In Denmark, he will be the only mens’ singles competing, hence Hendrawan will help him in terms of training and sparring. In the French Open, Chong Wei Feng will also be participating which means that Chong Wei and Wei Feng will be able to spar each other.

Although Hendrawan did feel tensed about the defeat, the Indonesian understood Chong Wei’s feelings, moreover, this is the first time the former world number was defeated in an early stage in two tournaments straight. Hendrawan added that after Chong Wei’s defeat, there were some who asked him to change Chong Wei’s training program.

“It is normal for an athlete to go through this difficult time and my job as coach is to motivate and strengthen him physically and mentally. My preparations for him has always been a long term plan. Chong Wei still has four Superseries to go before the year ends and the target is for him to further improve his world ranking,” added Hendrawan.