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BAM is currently having a selection trial from the 19th -24th October 2015. The selection involved 12 players from various states aged between 13 to 16 years old. They were called up based on their performance during the junior tournaments in the last few months.

The players will go through the exact training done by the current Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) players at few different locations such as the National Sports Institute (ISN), X-TRM Badminton Academy Center in Seri Kembangan and Juara Stadium in Bukit Kiara. They will follow the respective coaches and training groups in BJSS according to their age.

Moreover, instead of staying in the hostel at Bukit Kiara which is usually done in the previous years, the players are currently staying in the sports school itself. According to BJSS project manager, Kwan Yoke Meng, the players were placed in the sports school for a reason.

“I want them to have the experience of staying in a sports school knowing that most of them would not have experienced it before as they usually stay at home with their families. This will also be the best time for the players to prepare themselves that if they get selected, this will be the life they will have to go through as a sports school student which is very different compared to how is it back at their hometown”, said Yoke Meng.

The players will be selected based on their discipline, their performance during trainings and match plays as well as coaches’ recommendation. Thereafter, the Development Committee will meet to decide the final results of the selection and the players will be informed by the 30th of October 2015.